Temple Timings

Morning: 6:00 AM to 7:00 PM
Dasoha Prasadam: 12:30 PM to 2:00 PM

Mangalarathi: 9:00 AM
Maha Mangalarathi: 12:30 PM
Evening Mangalarathi: 6:30 PM Onwards

For More Details, Please Contact:
Prof. Shanthakumar - 9845285455

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Historical background of Shree Areyuru Vaidyanatheshwara Swamy:


The area, where the temple of Shree Vaidyanatheshwara Swamy exists is known as Tapobhoomi (Land of Saints). The Areyuru temples of Shree Vaidyanatheshwara Swamy and Haalu Malleshwara Swamy are said to be more than 1000 years old though there are no historical records or any scone inscriptions. People say that there was a thick forest covered in the area where the present temple exists. People belonging to Kaadu Golla (A Type of Tribal People) community lived here. Sri Dadheechi Maharshi along with many saints came from Himalaya Mountain and built an Ashram and was doing penance. They installed jyothirlinga of the present Shree Vaidyanatheshwara temple in sanctum sanatorium. This temple was expanded during the period of Cholas (A Dynasty of Karnataka). A divine medicinal free existed at the place of present Haalu Malleshwara temple. The saints were preparing medicine from the leaves of this medicinal free to cure the patients who come to the saints.


Evidence of saints doing penance at Ashram built by them:



The main entrance of the temple was dug to lay foundation for temple renovation during 1986. Skeletons of human bodies, skulls, metallic items and earthen pots were found from which it is evident that people lived here. The people who lived here must be saints since general public normally live far away from temples.


Samadhi of Shree Gaddigappa:
As one enters Areyuru, a saint’s Samadhi is found. This is known as Samadhi of Shree Gaddigappa. About 60-70 years ago fragrant smell was emanating from this Samadhi. However, no such smell is experienced now.

Samadhi of Shree Aadavena Swamy:
People say that Shree Aadavena Swamy lived in a moth besides Shree Vaidyanatheshwara Swamy temple in the beginning of 19th Century. Now his Samadhi still exists.

Jyorthilingu of Areyuru Shree Vaidyanatha

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