Temple Timings

Morning: 6:00 AM to 7:00 PM
Dasoha Prasadam: 12:30 PM to 2:00 PM

Mangalarathi: 9:00 AM
Maha Mangalarathi: 12:30 PM
Evening Mangalarathi: 6:30 PM Onwards

For More Details, Please Contact:
Prof. Shanthakumar - 9845285455

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Reasons for miracles that happen at Shree Vaidyanatheshwara Swamy Temple, Areyuru::

It is well known that the river Ganga which flows in north India carries debris, dead bodies, along with it. Though the water of Ganga is very much polluted, people drink the water and also take both presuming that it is sacred water. They do not suffer from any diseases. Scientific investigations have confirmed the absence of diseases spreading and producing bacteria are absent in Ganga river water.
The River Ganga originates from Himalaya Mountain where many sanyasis (Hindu Saints) (Hindu Saints) are living and performing sacred rituals. Thus the Ganga river water derives the divine power and becomes free of all diseases producing bacteria. This fact is beyond scientific verification as explained by scientist Dr. John Howard Sharp, a Nobel Laurent. 

(Ref: A Book “Autobiography of Yogi” page No. 296, Book published by Yoga Satsanga Society of India, Ranchi – 834001, Jharkhand State.)


Atma Jnana (Self Realization):

Divine influence of Rishis (Saints) who lived thousands of years ago in the place where Shree Vaidyanatheshwara Swamy’s temple exists is said to prevail even now. Those Rishis (Saints) and sages are said to be living here in their invisible body. Moreover, the Jyothirlinga is said to posse’s cosmic divine power. The divine influence of Rishis (Saints) together with the cosmic divine power of Jyothirlinga are said to be responsible for curing diseases by destroying the diseases producing bacteria. The local people say that in olden days, the people who were suffering from diseases used to stay in temple premises for many days and get their diseases cured.

"Chandra Mandala" - a sculptured stone in the campus of Temple.

Those who possess divine knowledge say that diseases causing bacteria are eliminated by the cosmic divine waves generated by the Rishis (Saints) who do penance in Himalaya Mountains. This fact is beyond scientific knowledge..

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